Product design (CONCEPT)
Title: Forage
Role: UX / UI
How might we

How might we increase the use of digital between busy 30 year old's and the local businesses around them?

At Hyper Island we ideated an app to be used by people in their 30's living busy lives in busy cities. The problem is these individuals no longer connect to their surroundings probably because they're always on the move and have little time to get to know the businesses around personally.

With Forage, businesses signed up to the system would quickly cater to the needs of these individuals, preparing take away orders or coming over with deliveries. The app organises businesses by location and shows the ones closer to the user.

This was an idea developed as a team, the mock-ups however and the look and feel for the app are mine.

How does it work?
One subscription, tons of goods at your fingertips
How does it look?
A smart business interface + a friendly user interface
How can it be used?
Scan items to purchase them or just type in what you need to ping a near-by business
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