Friday, 17th June 2022
15:15 - The Radnor Rooms
16:00 - Ceremony
17:00 - BBQ
20:00 - Salsa live music
22:00 - Evening snacks
00:00 - Carriages (fancy for time to go)
Let us know if you're coming before April please
Frequently asked questions:

Do you want gifts? - Not really, however you can contribute to our honeymoon on: our drop us a penny in JONES M & R, 52-21-26, 23135581.

Is Patch the dog coming? - Maybe! He doesn't like strangers so if you see him - ignore him please!

Is there a dress code? - No! Expect slight retro vibes and a relaxed environment. We want you to enjoy this day as much as us. Bring your dancing shoes and a silly mood.

Who's coming? - 50 of our very closest friends and family.

Where should we stay? - Try town centre, accommodation ideas below.
How did we get here...
Manchester in July 2015. Mike had just had his first ever tinder date... cancelled half an hour prior to meeting. Already dressed, he called Steve Spencer, a fellow junior doctor to meet for a drink.

On Mike's arrival at Rosylee, Steve was sat with a mysterious and beautiful Peruvian woman called Rita. She had recently arrived to Manchester from Dubai, and was studying her masters.

The night took us around the Northern Quarter to Hyper Island University where a guitar was played, then to Gorilla, where Steve made his exit. Rita and Mike shared their first kiss.

Four years later, Mike made a bumbling marriage proposal on a rooftop overlooking 5th Avenue in New York City. Cue a global pandemic, putting marriage on hold whilst the world went into lockdown.

Now it is 2022, and we would love for you to come to our new home city of Bristol to start the next chapter with us.
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