Service Mapping Workshop for The Co-op
This is the best learning course I have been on in a few years. The session was really engaging and interactive (which is great, as I learn by doing).

My team have already got four service maps as a result of this. So glad I did the course!

Lee Connolly
Delivery Manager
I can honestly say this is easily one of the best workshops I've been too. Rita had great energy throughout the day and kept everything moving and on time.

Most importantly for me though, I came away from the day feeling like I'd actually learnt a lot and could apply those things to my work. 10/10 Would service map again.

Tom Walker
Lead User Researcher at Co-op Digital
I really loved Rita's workshop, her enthusiasm and experience made it a really enjoyable day and I learnt a lot of practical tips I can apply at work everyday.

I really hope I get to work with her again, her facilitation of the whole day was flawless.

Louise Nicholas
Lead product designer
The aim of this full-day workshop was to give Co-op Group teams (of designers and non-designers) the confidence in starting and using their own service maps.

Participants held senior roles and came from different business units such as Food, Funeral care and Membership. This made for a fun and exciting day full of design and discovery.

Having several conversations with Katherine Wastell was key to getting the content and rhythm right for the session. We spoke about the needs of those attending and what her vision was for the outcomes of the session. I selected relevant theory and baked it into activities that participants could enjoy and think about their own day-to-day challenges with. I worked only on Fridays to complete the material and rehearse (Mon-Thurs is for Ovo Energy) - asking and receiving feedback as I progressed was crucial to the success of the day.

1. Morning: An introduction, followed by a simple mapping exercise where participants work in pairs.

2. Afternoon: Run through the process of making a map, in teams of four to five people. Teams mapped the Co-op service they were closest to following a chunked down process. Several challenges throughout the afternoon, gave them the opportunity to increase their confidence and use the map.

By 4.30pm, teams had not only finished an iteration of their map, they'd also seen mini talks on design projects happening at the Co-op, learnt about parallel assets and seen the 'do's and dont's' of service mapping. Thank you Rae and Jack for supporting me in delivering the mini talks - I was impressed by the work you've done and how well you communicated it. Thank you!

    • Participants practiced thinking holistically and applied what they knew in their day to day after the session.

    • Participants held conversations about the experience of all service users (beyond just the customer) and debated changes that considered the commercial impact of the same.

    • Participants identified, diagnosed and highlighted user & business opportunities in parallel.

    • Participants took away tools, tips and mental frameworks useful in their day-to-day.
    The workshop was really practical for myself, coming from little experience of mapping.

    The task of mapping something relatable in the morning really set me up to work in the afternoon and I'm sure will help inform my practice in future.
    Sam Sheriston
    The workshop was practical and fun. We built a simple service map up in steps so that what seems a big daunting thing was broken down into manageable stages.

    Rita checked understanding of what we were doing often, so that the exercises I was doing didn't run beyond what I'd got my head around.

    Rita was amazing full of energy and knowledge. She made a really dense and informative session feel fun and I learnt so much.

    I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a better holistic understanding of their customers or a service.
    The workshop was amazing! Rita is a brilliant facilitator and really kept the pace of the workshop going with lots of high energy throughout the day.

    There was a good balance between theory and practice to really help embed the learning.
    Stewart Livingstone
    Delivery Manager, Co-op Digital
    The service mapping workshop was excellent. Fun, engaging and aimed at all levels of experience.

    Rita was a great facilitator and clearly has heaps of experience to help guide us through some of the challenges that we have with our own service maps.

    5 stars!
    Mike Ingham
    Product manager
    Had taken part in building a couple of service maps before this workshop but wouldn't have been confident in running a session or presenting a service map to stakeholders.

    Learned loads of new tips and tricks when building a map. Would now be super confident going off to do them as a team and run anyone through one.
    Chris Winkley
    Agile BA Co-op Digital

    Never underestimate the amount of prep a full day workshop requires. It's not just designing the day, it's studying the content, prototyping the exercises, getting the props ready and delivering it smoothly (ie. knowing what's happening by the second).

    I learnt that I'm nothing without my friend/design community. I wouldn't have been able to do this without the support of family, friends and colleagues who gave me feedback and all sorts of support. Thank you for being awesome, lending me a timer, ordering me brown paper and handing over a squeaky chicken toy to facilitate at 9pm. You know who you are, you stars.

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