Event design & implementation
Title: Toshiba Gaming Event, 4K TV launch
Role: Senior Creative
The Challenge
How could Toshiba launch their new 4K TV in an innovative way in the Middle East without making it all about the product?
Prototype for the speaker badges
The Solution
We individually invited 300 gamers from the Middle East to a night of gaming tech-talks by international speakers, competitions, soft drinks and the best screens in the market to play with - oh and pizza.

The location and agenda of the event was kept secret and we sent out teasers through social. Freebies and interesting conversation made it an amazing night.
Toshiba 4K Gaming Experience
My role in this project was to take care of the creative direction of the event, from overall direction to branding of the space itself
Pre - Event
The physical invite
We created a product called 'Gamer Aid', a sticky tape to protect fingers when playing long hours of video games. We made it, created packaging for it and sent it out as an invitation to the 300 attendees.

The online invite
We sent out personalised emails explaining what the event was (without giving away too much) and pointing people to the website to RSVP.

The website
The invitation led users to the website, where they could RSVP. On the site they'd discover all the links to our social pages, which were all branded and updated continuously.

How we created a unique set of details for the event
Nothing about this event was off the shelf - we created and branded walls, floor, pizza boxes, cups... we even created the stage's table with leftover computer parts.
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