Product design.
Winning idea from Start Up Weekend London 2016
Role: Designer / Culture champion
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Idea behind Giggypop start-up
It all began with Alice
I met Alice Shyy, founder of Giggypop, at Startup Weekend London 2015 pitching her idea of a ticket service for gigs in the city. I loved her vibe and ever since I've led the creative direction of the brand.

My main responsibiliy has been to make sure the brand is represented properly on every touchpoint. I have watched out for opportunities to display our brand essence, be it on lanyards or branded seat-reservation signs. Every eyeball counts when you're trying to take an idea off the ground.

The Website
Collateral Material
Video pitches, roll-up banners, lanyards, posters, social media cover photos, branded stickers, presentations, you name it - we did it and I designed it.

We were featured on several online publications such as:

Video Pitch
Created overnight due to a misunderstanding, this video was one of the most fun I've had working for Giggypop. It brought the idea to life, even impressing ourselves with how the idea can be explained concisely in a couple of minutes.
Not used yet unfortunately, this unicorn GIF, our mascot, is part of our brand's toolbox.
Posters for print and online
When special gigs come up, I create posters that can be both printed or put up on social media to spread the word.
Product reviews at Giggydranks
Flyers about upcoming gigs and our prototype review event called 'Giggydranks' have also been part of my scope of work. Giggydranks is a night at The Lexington where we show the product to users and receive feedback. We ask them what they like about it, what they'd do different and other music related questions.
Team Culture
As a culture specialist, I have a big interest in developing the team culture around me. In under a year we have taken the time to run workshops and take the time to develop the relationships we have with one another and acknowledge how they affect our work.
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