I'm Rita, Service Designer

When I say 'things' I mean important experiences.

For example, finding the right information as the parent of a disabled child or managing an overwhelming health condition effectively. I'm lucky to have contributed to these specific experiences already, but I want more, so I'll continue to actively seek projects that positively impact people and the environment.

I'm motivated by the belief that if all large organisations had design skills and capacity, we'd be addressing real problems earlier and better. This is why I strive to share as much knowledge and material as I can with my clients on every project. It's also why I work exclusively with inherently good people, because I cannot make things better on my own.

There's a lot of strategy and design work needed to improve 'things' around us, shall we get started?


    Service Designer at Apply Design
    Working with Rita is an absolute pleasure. She has a strategic mind, loveable personality and can adapt to the needs and objectives of any project or business. Her visual thinking keeps teams and stakeholders aligned, and her passion for building culture in organisations is an asset in any project.

    Collaboration is part of Rita's DNA alongside her human-centred design approach, service design toolkit and facilitation skills.
    I would love to work with Rita in the future. She is a brilliant design thinker and doer.
    General Manager at Dentsu X Singapore
    Rita is an incredibly well-rounded creative force. She can conceptualize a 'big idea', mock it up with her unrivaled sense of design, sell and defend it to internal and external stakeholders, see it through to production and project manage the whole thing if you need her to.

    She's literally a one-stop shop, a one woman creative army but she's also a leader. Rita brings a non-stop enthusiasm and energy to her work. She has an infectious personality that draws people to her and the work she does. It's a unique and commendable gift.

    She's an A++ level creative talent and she'll be at the center of amazing things happening at any agency, or client, lucky enough to work with her.
    Chief Operations Officer at BuffaloGrid
    I worked side-by-side with Rita at Isobar MENA (Dubai). She is dedicated, hard-working and not afraid of jumping into new things.

    Rita is a natural creative and comfortable in concepting 360 campaigns, digital design work, multimedia production and much more.

    Her start-up hustle is strong and she developed her skill set well beyond creative while working in the team. This included idea pitching and presentation, client management, project planning and management and even account finance.

    This combination of skills makes her a formidable asset in any team. And she's good fun to be around too.
Note: These recommendations and more are on my LinkedIn Page.
    Software developer at Container Solutions
    It's been a pleasure and privilege to work with Rita. She holistically understands the importance of culture and team happiness which makes working with her a pleasure. She regularly monitors the overall happiness of the team and encourages open and constructive discussion to alleviate any misunderstandings or issues.

    On top of managing team conduciveness she is a hard working and spirited colleague. She is constantly asking for constructive criticism in an effort to evolve and become a better designer. I would not hesitate to work with Rita in the future because she posses the two qualities I greatly admire in people I work with. A desire to work in an open and inclusive workplace and a desire to constantly grow, strive and succeed.
    Service Design and Value Innovation Consultant
    Rita is a pretty unique person to work with. Not only is she incredibly talented, highly creative and super intelligent, she is able to imbue this intelligence both emotionally and delightfully into her work and her interactions with the people around her.

    You don't get many designers who can stay (and keep others) laser focused on an objective without compromising on cultural or team values when the pressure is really on. Rita is one of those people. Before I had the privilege of working with her I thought unicorns were but mythical creatures. Now I'm not so sure. Whatever she is, she should be studied and replicated. You need this on your team.
    Data analyst and web Owner of Pattern Technology
    Rita is one of the most intelligent and hard working people I've worked with.

    We've worked on various projects together and I've thoroughly enjoyed our work together. Rita knows her client inside out, approaching her work both creatively and rationally, consistently ensuring that the end user is at the heart of everything she does.

    Rita produces interesting and thought provoking work (loves the maps), providing insights continually for the client and team. These become incredibly valuable for the project and beyond. I can't recommend highly enough!

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