Event design & implementation
Title: Lexus, launch event for new RCF
Role: Senior Creative
The Sound of Performance
I conceptualised "The Sound of Performance" as a one-off driving experience to launch the Lexus RC F in 2014. However, the concept became bigger than the launch itself and Lexus decided to make it a yearly event. I'm happy to have led the creative for this project, stretching my digital design skills into new territory, all the time being supported by fantastic designers and copywriters in my team.
Setting up the space
Turning an empty hangar into the scene of an experience
Attendees understood the details that make a great sports car, like the sound - a feature we focused on.
The Idea

In the new 'Progressive Luxury' Lexus chapter, our target audience was composed of influencers and high-level executives who were considered to be young at heart and looking for sport performance coupes. Aside from being car enthusiasts, we knew they appreciate true premium experiences, design and fashion.
An engraved gift
A unique silver keychain with a code and the event details on the packaging
RSVP landing site
On the website we presented the event and showed teaser videos of the RC and RC F. There was a private section where only the invited guests could access to reveal further details of the venue and agenda.
The website was public but only those who received the invitation and a code could RSVP
The Booths
I was completely responsible for the look and feel and execution of each area of the event - which was a lot of work! But with a crew of designers on my side, we made it happen on time.

We created unique spaces for each aspect of the Lexus Brand. We had booths for the Lexus Short Films (like Steps, pitched below), Lexus Design Awards area (where we invited a previous winner to do a presentation), CRAFTED BY LEXUS products, an area to see all the global films, a representation of the Lexus Intersect boutique, an area to read Lexus magazine 'Beyond' and highlights of the brands focus on craftmanship - tech - history and inventions.
The Final Look
Because of the events effectivity generating awareness among the select attendees, Lexus decided to make The Sound of Performance a yearly event
The Sound of Performance II
A year after...
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