Product design & launch
Title: Toyota Yaris, Lucky Cards
Role: Senior Creative
Year: 2014
As Creative Lead I oversaw this project from remote client pitch (Japan) through production of web / social assets, training of local markets in Dubai, throughout to delivery on every single of the 8 markets (Bahrain, Qatar, KSA, Lebanon, Dubai,
An online bilingual platform, to be launched and managed by 8 different countries in the Middle East
Toyota Lucky Cards is an online platform, integrated with other social media platforms. Users could participate by posting, tweeting, commenting, and inviting friends to be part of the competition. The more the participant interacted on the site, the higher the probability they get a lucky card.

Every lucky card had a code attached to it and every code is redeemable for a prize at Toyota showrooms. Each country provided prizes to be won in 30 days including, Smart phones, Tablets, iPods, DVD players and Toyota gift sets. At the end of the competition all winners were entered into a draw to win a grand prize which ranged from a high end TV to a car.

The platform was created for Toyota Japan, to increase awareness and establish the all new Yaris Sedan and Corolla in the MENA region. The campaign site had to be distinctively split between Yaris and Corolla.

Way more than look and feel
Two digital designers, two copywriters and two translators were supporting me during this project. I was in close liaison with the technical lead throughout the process to build something that worked well from a technical and design perspective.
Eight Country localisations
As the creative lead and with the in depth knowledge of how the website was built, it was my job to hand over the site and its bespoke CMS to each Toyota distributor in the region (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Dubai..etc).

A number of meeting to establish requirements and another set of training sessions were put in place and ran remotely with each team so they manage and promote individually in their markets.

Promotional material
To promote the campaign successfully, we created a package of assets each country could use and adapt. Social media assets and digital display ads – all of which had to be bilingual and on the right kind of Arabic (since dialects are numerous).

Toyota Lucky Cards (Arabic)
Tutorial Video for Website
Each country was free to advertise Toyota Lucky Cards anyway they had the budget to. We only did the online platform and visual assets.

Billboards, radio, social media, adwords and this interesting Bahrain in-mall activation were all up to the local markets to arrange.

As the main creative team behind the campaign, I helped providing as much support as possible... The mime however, I did not expect.

Bahrain's take on promoting the campaign
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